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Work with me through a neuroscience and psychology-based (metacognition) coaching approach. I have done the heavy lifting to improve my brain affected by several brain conditions (FASD, ADHD, chronic anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD). I'm confident I can help you with whatever your brain is throwing at you.

The great news is that research has proven that our brains are not set in stone, we can all improve our brains thanks to neuroplasticity. It is the brain's ability to reorganize pathways and create new neurons (neurogenesis) and connections (synapses).

The bad news! Neuroplasticity is not necessarily a positive thing, it can work to our detriment too. Our brains are always changing, evolving, and adapting in response to what we expose them to. Exposing our brains to the negative will strengthen the neuropathways of negative thoughts, bad and destructive habits, behaviors, and addictions. Whether we are aware or not, our brain as it is today has been shaped by everything we do and don't do every day. 

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