Do you think you are in control?

Don't be so sure.​

Your brain may be your biggest bully

Sabotaging your life's goals and dreams

This may be true for you if ...

You are a successful and high-achieving person 

But are insecure and anxious, feeling you are not enough and

that you have just gotten lucky.

You have a great life, job, or family 

But are sad or depressed as if something was missing in your life.

People would say that "you've made it," that "you have it all," 

But you can't enjoy life constantly worried and stressed out.

Nothing seems to work for you

You have seen counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

That was me, feeling hopeless beyond despair.

If you answered YES to one or more

You need to stand up to it.

You need to

If you want to

  • Change your current career or profession.

  • Start your own business.

  • Get your dream body.

  • Become a better parent, husband, or wife.

  • Be more productive.

  • Manage your stress and anxiety.

  • Build your confidence.

  • Stop overeating and overdrinking.

  • Habit creation.

  • Improve your relationships.

Your brain is your biggest asset.

It is responsible for everything you are, experience, and understand

about yourself and the world around you.

Yet as extraordinary as your brain is

 It is also illogical and fallible, tending to work against you

meaning no harm and  with the best intentions thinking

is doing the best for you.


Let's make your brain

Work for you, not against you.

This isn't some sort of Whoohoo or Positive Affirmation BS***!

These are proven Neuroscience and Psychology-based Techniques + Coaching and Through Work Methodologies that will transform your life in a way you don't think possible.


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Hello! My name is Gilberto

I'm a Life Coach, a serial entrepreneur, and also a passionate advocate for neurodiversity and mental health. An accountant by trade, I hold a master's in financial markets. 


A long story short, my journey to a better brain started in 2019 after discovering that I had been born with a brain condition I didn't know of.

While learning about my condition and its many comorbidities, I became obsessed with the human brain, neuroscience, and the mind with a determination to improve my brain.

The results will


Your brain may be the problem 

but is the solution too.


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